Cultivating Beauty: Forsberg Beautification Program Fall 2023 Fundraiser in Full Bloom

Cultivating Beauty: Forsberg Beautification Program Fall 2023 Fundraiser in Full Bloom 

The Forsberg Beautification Program (FBP) fall fundraising appeal is in full swing, inviting the Lifeworks community to support beauty and vibrancy across our facilities and residences. Established in 2019 through a collaboration with the Forsberg family, the FBP stands as a living tribute to Jane Forsberg’s impactful legacy. Jane, an early President of what was then the Arc of South Norfolk, devoted years to its Human Rights Committee and became a determined advocate for community interaction and excellence in our living spaces. 

The FBP channels its funds towards transformative beautification projects, seasonal decorations, and engaging activities at Lifeworks locations. It is a testament to Jane’s enduring passion for how spaces look, with a focus on enhancing the homes and buildings that constitute the Lifeworks community. 

Jane’s daughter, Kathy, embodies the program’s mission as an active participant in Lifeworks since 1962. Kathy resides in one of our community residences where, with the support of the FBP, garden beds have flourished. Kathy and her housemates plant and nurture their vegetable garden. The harvest of fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers has become a source of joy, lifting spirit each year. 

For a deeper look into the FBP’s vision and impact, we invite you to explore the program’s brochure, available for download [here](link to the brochure). We welcome your support in sustaining the legacy of Jane Forsberg and uplifting the spaces that mean so much to the Lifeworks community. Your support ensures that the FBP continues to foster a sense of pride and community across all Lifeworks locations. 

You can contribute to the Forsberg Beautification Program and play a part in cultivating a more beautiful and vibrant environment for all.