Personal Stories


Shirley Brissette is the recipient of the ‘Individual Employment’ award at Lifeworks’ Fall Harvest Employment Award ceremony held last November. In 2017, Shirley advocated to train as a cashier while working as part of the maintenance crew at Wegmans. With hard work, training and dedication she accomplished her goal of becoming a cashier. Hardly ever missing a shift, Shirley was disappointed when the pandemic forced a reduction in work hours but she has since been called back to work and is thrilled! Shirley also works part-time as a filer at Republic Plumbing.

When not working, Shirley loves spending time with her cat and family at her Lifeworks residence. A Patriots fan, she also loves catching up with friends and going out to eat.


Rachel Slawsby is an active and sociable individual who is excited by doing activities she enjoys. Some of her hobbies include photography, exercise, vacationing, browsing the web, sending emails and arts and crafts. Rachel works on at least one of her hobbies every day! Rachel has also been an active member of the Social and Recreation Department since she first moved into a Lifeworks residence. Rachel participates in basketball, bowling, bocce ball, Hip Hop Café dances and yearly special events held by Social and Recreation. Rachel has received trophies for bowling and basketball dating back to 2012. Well known for her outgoing, friendly and inquisitive nature, Rachel makes anyone she meets feel right at ease.


Dexter Young has been a part of the Lifeworks community since 1998. After living in a group home in Foxborough for over 11 years, Dexter made his dream of living in his own apartment come true. Dexter is very independent and is quite the entertainer and athlete. He takes pride in his home and all of his electronics that he has purchased for his apartment with his paycheck from working at Old Navy. Dexter is a champion bowler, and participates in our floor hockey program and many of Lifeworks’ social events.