John O’Connell, a Lifeworks Custodian for the past eleven years is an easy-going gentleman. He is known as the “go to guy” at the administrative offices on Clapboardtree Street. John receives Lifeworks’ In-Home-Support (IHS) services thru his long time Case Manager Mary Perry. Living on his own, John enjoys his freedom and independence. He cooks and does all his own grocery shopping. John stays physically fit by doing a lot of walking while running errands. Prior to residing in Norwood, John grew up with a close-knit family of 5 siblings in Foxboro where he cut grass and shoveled snow for his neighbors.

In pre-pandemic times, John helped out at Hip Hop dances in the kitchen serving pizza and setting up refreshments. John is also a member of Lifeworks’ Special Olympics’ basketball team formerly known as The South Norfolk Eagles winning a gold medal in 2020. John takes great pride in his athletic achievements. The walls of John’s home are adorned with many of his Special Olympics medals. One of his favorite sports in his younger days was softball. John also goes bowling occasionally. A self-advocate, John serves on the board of Our Club as Vice President. John recently participated in a “Standing Strong” promotional video for the Social-Recreational program.

John is a loyal and devoted friend. He recently came to a friend’s aid during a medical emergency. EMTs praised John for his calm, quick thinking, stating his actions saved his friend’s life. The two are inseparable and often walk to local shops and restaurants. John’s friend is a frequent guest at John’s extended family gatherings.