Lifeworks HR News

Winter 2023-24 – HR News

Meet Paul Gilbert: Lifeworks’ Dedicated Director of Employment Services

This month, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Paul Gilbert, a valued member of the Lifeworks team for 11 years, who remarks that time has flown by in a flash. Paul currently serves as the Director of Employment Services – Boston.

Originally seeking a career change, Paul was drawn to the meaningful work of the nonprofit sector. His journey led him to Lifeworks, where he began as a case manager/job coach at LES Boston. Three years ago, he transitioned to the role of Associate Director, and then shortly thereafter to his current position as Director.

A lifelong learner, Paul holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In 2022, he embraced the opportunity to further his education by attending the Providers’ Council Certificate in Non-Profit Human Services Management Program offered in partnership with Suffolk University. After completing the year-long program, Paul was inspired by the program’s quality and the supportive community it offered. He decided to pursue a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. He found immense value in applying his newfound knowledge to his work at LES-Boston, enhancing his effectiveness and impact.

Paul’s dedication to learning was recognized with an MPA scholarship of $4,000, awarded jointly by the Providers’ Council and Suffolk, a testament to his commitment to personal and professional growth.

Reflecting on his time at Lifeworks, Paul expresses deep appreciation for the meaningful work and supportive environment. He notes the organization’s efforts to care for its employees and acknowledges the strides made in salary compensation, illustrating Lifeworks’ commitment to recognizing the value of its staff.

Outside of work and academic pursuits, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife Lauren and their beloved 10-year-old dog, Carson. An avid runner and sports enthusiast, Paul braves all weather conditions to hit the road, finding rejuvenation in running. His motto, “Work hard today so that you can be self-prepared for whatever comes next,” reflects his diligent work ethic and proactive mindset.

As for music, Paul declares Bruce Springsteen as the greatest of all time in his generation, emphasizing his appreciation for timeless classics.

Join us in welcoming the newest Members of the Lifeworks Team!  (October 24, 2023- February 21, 2024)

Quiana Andrade, Substitute Teacher Counselor, Residential

Rachel Andrisse, Case Manager, LES Boston

Stephanie Badio, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Allyn Baez Gonzalez, Driver

Tashana Bailey, Case Manager, LES Boston

Valerie Baptiste, Teacher Counselor, Residential

David Brown, Contracts & Billing Coordinator, Business Office

Mackenzie Brown, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Marlen Calisi, Accounting Supervisor, Business Office

Joe Ruth Celestin, Teacher Counselor, Norwood

Gertrude Delice, Assistant Case Manager, Day Habilitation

Katrina Evans, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Sharmike Freemantle, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Nicole Haddad, IFFS Coordinator, Brockton

Tiffany Hartle, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Cornell James, Assistant Teacher Counselor, Residential

Fredzie Jean Charles, LPN, Residential

Johanne Jean-Francois, CAN, Residential

Ebun Lawal, Substitute Teacher Counselor, Residential

Allen Leach, Substitute Teacher Counselor, Residential

Michael Lomastro, Substitute Teacher Counselor, Residential

Esther Magao, LPN, Residential

Michael Magao, LPN per diem, Residential

Vincent Maraventano, Substitute Job Coach, LES Boston

Juliana Morse, Assistant Case Manager, Day Habilitation

Sandra Mugisha, LPN, Residential

Jennifer Newport, RN, Residential

Jude Nwabeze, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Oluwaseum Osifade, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Mary O’Toole, Assistant Case Manager, Day Habilitation

Catrina Sellitto, Case Manager, LES Norwood

Abubakarr Sumah, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Cheryll Thompson, Case Manager, LES Norwood

Andrew Titus, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Oni Tyler, Program Manager, Residential

Fall 2023 – HR News

Building Connections and Fostering Growth: Julissa River, Program Manager

Meet Julissa Rivera, the dedicated Program Manager for our community residence in Canton.

Julissa has worked in the non-profit sector for over 20 years and has created and operated after-school programming and worked with special need students. A mother of five and a grandmother of five wonderful grandchildren. She recently graduated from Rhode Island College, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development.

Julissa’s journey with Lifeworks began in January 2023 when she joined as an Assistant Program Manager for our residence in South Norwood. Reflecting on her time there, she speaks with fondness about the residents and their strong sense of dedication to one another. “They are very dedicated to each other and look out for one another. It was very common to hear them say ‘Are you okay?’ – checking on each other’s well-being.”

While she thoroughly enjoyed her experience in South Norwood, the opportunity for growth arose, and Julissa embraced the challenge of transitioning into the Program Manager position in Canton. She expresses gratitude for the chance, noting, “Lifeworks has opportunities for growth, and transitioning to the residence in Canton was a promotion. I’m thrilled to have been selected for the position.”

Julissa and the Canton residents!

The move presented a bittersweet moment, leaving behind connections in South Norwood. However, firmly settled into her role as a house manager in Canton, Julissa is rapidly establishing new bonds with the residents there—Craig, David, Peter, and Mark. Despite the increased responsibilities, Julissa emphasizes the significance of working closely with the residents. “The guys of the Canton house have quickly established routines with me. I’m learning more and more each day about each of them.” She recounts a recent delightful moment with Mark, where a chance encounter with a picture of him water sailing sparked a memorable conversation about this life adventure.

“These are the opportunities that give me the ability to connect and make me love my job and coming to work at Lifeworks,” Julissa shares. Her commitment to fostering meaningful connections exemplifies the Lifeworks spirit, where every individual’s journey is valued, and every opportunity for growth is celebrated.

Newest Members of the Lifeworks Staff

Join us in welcoming the following individuals who have joined the Lifeworks Team! (June 27, 2023 – October 24, 2023)

Elizabeth Bergan, Case Manager, LES Boston

Faith Blass, Case Manager, LES Boston

Belmise Brutus, Assistant Teacher Counselor, Residential

Harold Coburn, Case Manager, LES Boston

Hannah Collins, Program Coordinator, LES Boston

Lourdie Collins, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Daniel Crowley, Teacher – Case Manager, Individual Home Supports

Nashcar Daniel, Assistant Case Manager, Day Habilitation

Rachelle Desrosiers, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Sharnia Dont, Coordinator, Development & Communications

Diena Francois, RN Per Diem, Residential

Alfred Frimpong, RN, Residential

Susan Givotovsky, Substitute Teacher Counselor, Residential

Elvio Gomez, Case Manager, LES Norwood

Shurron Harris, Substitute Teacher Counselor, Residential

Joyce Hatch, Substitute Teacher Counselor, Residential

Edeline Hecdivert, Job Coach, LES Boston

Emilie Immonen, Receptionist, Westwood Administration

Marie Jeanty, Assistant Case Manager, Day Habilitation

Mariya Kubishyn, Assistant Teacher Counselor, Residential

Janay McKinney, CNA, Residential

Carolyn McMullan, Case Manager, LES Boston

Amanda Meehan, Driver, Transportation

Christian Montoya, Case Manager, LES Boston

Asma Mourhat, Case Manager, IHS

Akua Mendee, LPN, Residential

Tifanie Pais, Assistant Teacher Counselor, Residential

Samantha Penza, Case Manager, LES Norwood

Jeannette Pierre, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Nicole Roberts Francis, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Inga Sporn, RN Per Diem, Residential

Lynne Sweeney, Case Manager, LES Norwood

Ruby Topete, Case, Manager, LES Norwood

Edouard Witney, CNA/HHA, Residential

SUMMER 2023 – HR News

Lifeworks Honors Longtime Employees 

Lifeworks is lucky to have more than 20 employees who have been with us for more than 20 years, and more than 50 who have been with us for more than 10 years.  But in 1975, when our first employees were hired, the Board and leadership could not have envisioned that people would work for Lifeworks for 40 years!

At our recent Empower Celebration, Lifeworks had the opportunity to honor two such people— Joanne Sarno-Smith and Mike Fuller.  Not only have they worked in the agency for more than 40 years, but in their various roles, they have worked directly with the people we support for every single one of those days.

Joanne Sarno-Smith is Lifeworks’ longest-serving employee.  She began working at a residential home in Dedham in May 1982 – 41 years ago – in a direct support position as a teacher/counselor.  She transferred to our Lenox Street apartment program in the summer of 1983, before becoming the manager of our Howard Ave. residence, fondly called Fox 1, in 1984.  Today, Joanne remains the dedicated manager of the Fox 1 house.

If you have been to Howard Ave. and spent any time at the house, it takes about five minutes to recognize the impact that Joanne has had on the men who live there. For 40 years this house has been home to a group of men – originally nine, and now six – who neighbors affectionally call “the brothers.”  The house is the hub of activity in the neighborhood. It has hosted everything from 5K road races, the organization for the Founders Day parade and many Super Bowl parties. It also hosts an annual block party.    

But the formal gatherings do not truly reflect what this home means and how, with Joanne’s leadership, it has impacted so many lives.  The men who live at Howard Ave. are truly a part of the community.  On any given day, you may find kids in the neighborhood learning to ride their bikes in house’s long driveway, one of the guys sitting at a neighbor’s house having a beer, some of guys joining others working in neighborhood gardens, or just sitting on the front porch talking.  Several of the children who grew up in that neighborhood have gone on to work for Lifeworks.

This culture is all due to Joanne’s infectious enthusiasm, dedication to inclusiveness, incredible caring for the people who have and continue to live at this home and her inclusion of the families of those who live there. 

For those who do not know Joanne, she is a dynamic, enthusiastic leader in her home and for the organization.  While the house has been a residential program operated by Lifeworks since 1979, no one remembers a house manager prior to Joanne.  Behind her enthusiasm for the house and agency, Joanne is modest and unassuming. She is an inspiration and a true example of what it means to be a direct support professional and leader at Lifeworks.  

Dan Burke (l) and Mike Fuller (r)

Director of Transportation and Operations Mike Fuller joined Lifeworks in July 1983 fresh out of high school and looking for a career path.  He joined Lifeworks as a temporary on-call staff in what was then called Norfolk Industrial Services (NIS) and is now Lifeworks Employment Services.

In the fall of 1983, Mike was hired full-time to work in the Operations Department at NIS.  The department was responsible for working with the companies that provided work for what was then a workshop program.  His role included making work arrangements, planning out the jobs, and working with our staff to develop training modules for the people supported, as well as overseeing the shipping department. Sometimes he made the deliveries himself. 

Mike was very enthusiastic in this job and from the beginning he believed in the capabilities of the people we serve and their ability to be successful workers.  In 1985, Lifeworks’ strategy regarding employment for the people we support started to evolve.  The name of the program changed to Lifeworks Employment Services and staff were hired to develop and place the people we support in jobs in the local community.  This move was new and bold, and Mike embraced the switch to community-based jobs.  In fact, Mike made it a family deal. His father, Al, worked for Fire Control Instruments, which became Lifeworks’ first group work site at a company, employing 8-10 people in Waltham. 

In the mid-1990s, to enhance employment opportunities, Lifeworks had to increase the number of vans in its fleet to better ensure transportation to the program for the people we serve. Mike had the great idea of getting Lifeworks into the transportation business and once again demonstrated his enthusiasm for the program by calling on family: he recruited his mom and dad to work in transportation!

In 2013, sheltered work for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities was being phased out and Lifeworks made the strategic decision to close this service with the goal that each person we served who wanted to work at a local company at a competitive wage would get the opportunity.  Mike and the Employment Services team understood the challenge and knew it would be an enormous undertaking, but also an enormous accomplishment. By 2016, Lifeworks’ own work programs were closed and today more than 150 individuals are working at jobs throughout our communities, as well as participating in volunteer experiences, health and education programs, and wellness programs on their days off.  

For everything that he’s accomplished over the years, there is one story about Mike that is indicative of his dedication, commitment, and the care he has for those we serve: On Feb. 7, 2011, after weeks of large snow falls, management at our location in Norwood said they were hiring people to clear snow off the roof.  The program was open, all activities were taking place, and approximately 100 people, including staff and individuals served, were in the building.

Unfortunately, the snow removal company made a series of poor decisions including, unbeknownst to us, moving the snow to the middle of roof.   At approximately 1:10 p.m. on that day, Mike walked into the warehouse area of the building, heard creaking, and looked up to see a large steel support beam that ran across the middle of the building bending. 

Mike, who has for many years been a key member of Lifeworks’ Safety Committee, thought calmly and quickly and stepped to the wall and pulled the fire alarm. Thanks to the great safety training and drills, the entire building evacuated in less than a minute – just a few seconds before the roof over 10,000 square feet of the building collapsed under several tons of snow and ice.  Mike’s quick and efficient thinking was amazing, and every person got out safely.  That’s 40 outstanding years at Lifeworks and still counting.

(Excerpted from President/CEO Dan Burke’s remarks at the Empower Celebration where staff Joanne Sarno-Smith and Mike Fuller were honored for the service to Lifeworks.)

Newest Staff in Employment and Training Services 

Lifeworks is pleased to announce the hiring of two Job Developers. Wendy Elder has joined the team at Lifeworks Employment Services (LES) in Norwood and Katelyn Boudreau has joined the team at LES-Boston.

Lifeworks Job Developers actively seek out and secure new job sites and work closely with the individuals we serve to develop an appropriate job search and placement process for each.

Wendy Elder

Wendy comes to Lifeworks with over 15 years of corporate sales experience and has a strong desire to assist people in their career development.  “I am thrilled to be a part of Lifeworks,” said Wendy. “I know, as a team, we are working to ensure that each of our participants can connect and communicate effectively with confidence because we are providing them with the skills, information, and services they need to make a living and a life.  To be of assistance in developing jobs is a promise fulfilled called on my life that has incubated for a long time.  I look forward to working with everyone.”

Katelyn Boudreau

Katelyn is excited to bring her experience working for human services and non-profit organizations to Lifeworks, like her experience at We Make RI, where she worked with manufacturers in the Rhode Island to assist individuals with job placement. “Anyone who wants to work and has that desire should be able to do something they want. If you are willing to work, you should be able to,” said Katelyn. “I want to know everyone by name. It’s huge for me to meet and connect with every individual that I’m assisting. Lifeworks is truly a great environment. All the staff are so respectful and kind to all the individuals that we are here for to provide support and guidance,” she noted. She’s busy setting goals for herself in her new role and focused on securing additional group work sites, feeling that the group sites are an ideal way for the employees to bond and make connections with their work peers at Lifeworks.

Welcome Wendy, Katelyn, and all the new staff that have joined the Lifeworks team in recent months.

Newest Members of the Lifeworks Staff

Join us in welcoming the following individuals who have joined the Lifeworks Team! (February 7-June 27, 2023)

Titilayo Adejumo, Assistant Teacher Counselor, Residential

Irewanbhor Aigbe, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Hanna Attakora, RN, Residential

Roseverlie Auguste, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Amaris Aviles, Program Coordinator, LES Norwood

Katelyn Boudreau, Job Developer, LES Boston

Ja’ Von Brown, Direct Care, Residential

Larissa Cirino Cobarrubia, LPN, Residential

Ion Colakovic, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Kellianne Doherty, Case Manager, In Home Supports

Wendy Elder, Job Developer, LES Norwood

Dwayne Francis, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Lennox Green, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Brian Hallisey, Assistant Director, Day Habilitation

Teka Hicks, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Donna Jacobsen, HR Administrator, Human Resources

Simmone Jenkins, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Kayla Justice, Case Manager, LES Norwood

Tracy Katz, Skills Instructor, Family Support

Michelle Lugo-Paul, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Kristen Matchem, Adult Autism Support Specialist, Family Autism Center

Kayla Maxwell, Assistance Program Manager, Residential

Shane McCaul, Direct Care, Residential

Niamh Moynihan, Direct Care, Family Autism Center

Jasimin Mulder-Grant, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Amarillys Negron, Social Worker, Family Support

Babasola Osude, HR Analyst, Human Resources

Laura O’Sullivan, Home Health Care Aide, Residential

Debra Quinlan, Staff Accountant, Accounts Payable

Alan Quinn, Direct Care, LES Boston

Erin Robinson, Program Manager, Residential

Renae Saunders, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Debra Shanahan, Case Manager, Day Habilitation

Joyce Smallwood-Dailey, Teacher Counselor, In Home Supports

Eric Towne, Teacher, Residential

Vanessa Vilfranc, Teacher Counselor, Residential

Eugenia Waithaka, Teacher Counselor

Winter 2023 – HR News

Recreation Specialist Hired 

Tracey O’Farrell

Lifeworks has a new recreation specialist!  Meet Tracey O’Farrell, a nurse, fitness enthusiast, nutrition coach and vocalist, who started working in the Autism Support Center in early December. Tracey comes to Lifeworks with a lot of experience, having worked for Moderna as a COVID-19 compliance nurse and for the Boston Public Schools as a reading interventionist/severe needs autism paraprofessional. Since 2015, she has been a professional singer at Club Café, a supper club in Boston.  “We are pleased to have Tracey onboard and excited to be able to expand our social and recreation programming.  Her position is newly created through funding provided by DDS to support families with additional activities,” said Brian Clark, Director of the Autism Support Center. 

Through all our programs, we strive to bring new ideas, activities, and opportunities to fruition for the people we serve. Like so many of our wonderful staff, Tracey brings plenty of enthusiasm, energy, and creativity to Lifeworks. She is working with Walpole Media Corporation, a nonprofit public access cable station, to develop a new Lifeworks community activity. Walpole Media has a state-of-the-art studio located in Walpole High School. The Lifeworks community will have the opportunity to learn about behind-the-scenes TV production, create broadcasts, film events, and edit content. 

“I have lots of ideas about what we can do, like creating content around advocacy, and topics that people participating in our programs are passionate about,” said Tracey. “We can do shows about gaming, the explorers’ program, discussion groups, podcasts or just about anything out in the community. They can sign out cameras to cover our sporting events. There are so many possibilities.” 

Currently in its initial planning phase, Tracey says that the program will launch sometime in March with an Open House during which participants can tour the station and take part in a themed event with activities, such as filming in front of a green screen. More details will be announced soon. 

Please join us in welcoming Tracey and all the great people who have joined the Lifeworks staff in the past couple of months! Lifeworks is happy to have you and we appreciate the work you do to advocate, empower, and provide opportunities for our community. 

Newest Members of the Lifeworks Staff

Join us in welcoming the following individuals who have joined the Lifeworks Team! (October 1, 2022 – February 6, 2023)

Jassira Alves, Residential

Michael Auld, Maintenance

Annette Awasung, Residential

Oluwakemi Bankole, Residential

Genevie Barco, Residential

Nada Boufteh, LES Boston

Michelle Calo, Day Habilitation

Morgan Casey, Residential

Marina Cataldo, LES Boston

David Chamberlain, LES Norwood

LeeAnne Chapin, Day Habilitation

Brenda David, Administration, Westwood

Danthia Dolbashian, LES Norwood

Gregory Eustis, LES Boston

Matthew Folan, Residential

Julissa Fort, Residential

Spencer Freitas, LES Boston

Susanne Fuller, Residential

Binta Gbujie, Residential

Kara Goldrick, Harbor Counseling Center

Carole Goodis, Residential

Carol Haartz, Day Habilitation

Alexandra Jacobs, LES Norwood

Marie-Lucie Jean Baptiste, Residential

Ryan Lawrence, Residential

Jennifer Lawson, Payroll Office

Nicole Lochiatto, Family Autism Center

Laura Lynch, LES Norwood

Troy Montgomery, LES Norwood

Daniel Monuteaux, LES Boston

Miliarys Novoa, Family Support

Tracey O’Farrell, Family Autism Center

Renee O’Neill, Day Habilitation

Segun Oyegunwa, Residential

Donna Perry, LES Norwood

Oton Rezende, Transportation

Burt Rose, Residential

Beverley Roye, Residential

Denika Ryner, LES Boston

Edgardo Schultz, Residential

Sandra Start, Harbor Counseling Center

Loren Vecchiarelli, Family Support

Alyson Tayetto, Connections

Stephen Cantine
Fall 2022 – HR News

Stephen Cantine has been appointed Director of Human Resources. Steve brings nearly 20 years of human resources experience to the role,
where he will oversee the agency’s employee relations, recruitment,
retention, compensation, diversity and performance initiatives. This includes the development of new recruiting initiatives, improving staff training, and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion within the agency, as well as staff recognition and appreciation initiatives.
“Steve’s depth of experience and strong knowledge of HR policies and procedures are perfectly aligned with our needs. He will be instrumental in maintaining and improving our employee satisfaction and engagement initiatives,” said Lifeworks CEO Daniel Burke. “With over 400 employees, it is extremely important for us to be able to listen to our employees and successfully collaborate with them. Our employees are essential and key to our mission of advocating, empowering and providing opportunities
for people with disabilities.”
Before joining Lifeworks, Cantine was the human resources manager for Finetco in Rhode Island. Previously, he provided operational oversight and leadership in his role as director of the Center for Career & Professional Development at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. A resident of Wakefield, R.I., Cantine earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from SUNY Geneseo and a master’s degree in counseling from California State University.

New Members of the Lifeworks Staff (July 1 – September 30, 2022)

Since the start of this fiscal year, July 1st, Lifeworks HR has been busy onboarding new team members, in addition to Steve, the following individuals have been welcomed to the Lifeworks team:

Asma Abdullah, Licensed Practicing Nurse, Residential

Jill Arsenault, Direct Care II, Residential

Hedwidges Bien-Aime, Direct Care I, Residential

Brendan Byrne, Direct Care II, Day Habilitation

Marsha Dominique, Registered Nurse, Residential

Maci Fusi, Direct Care II, Employment Services

Thomas Hylton, Direct Care II, Shared Living        

Patricia Jamieson, Registered Nurse, Residential

Meredith Kelley, Comptroller, Business Office

Neyda Lara Soto, Driver, Transportation

Tatyana Lopez, Direct Care I, Temporary

Amy Lynch, Direct Care II, Employment Service

Ronald Mondesir, Licensed Practicing Nurse, Residential

Michael Neita, Direct Care II, Individual Home Supports

Ayodeji Ogundele, Direct Care II, Residential

Apryl Scott, Clinician, Residential

Oludotun Shoneye, Temporary, Direct Care I

Angela Smallwood, Direct Care II, Individual Home Supports

Kathy Thi Le, Registered Nurse, Residential

Katherine Tibbetts, Registered Nurse, Day Habilitation

Celebrating 40 Years with Lifeworks

Dear Lifeworks Community, 

As an organization, Lifeworks is honored and blessed to have an incredible team of staff members supporting the people we serve each day. Within our team, we have a significant number of staff who have been with the agency for more than 10 years as well as staff members who have dedicated more than 20 years as a career to Lifeworks and our mission.   We are grateful for all that everyone does. 

While all of us are actively participating in working hard to recruit new staff members to support this valuable team, there is one person who has stood out amongst all of us, one member of our team who has gone far above and beyond all of us. 

On May 3, 2022,  Joanne Sarno-Smith, our house manager at our residence in Foxboro celebrated her 40th ANNIVERSARY with Lifeworks.  Joanne becomes the first Lifeworks employee to celebrate 40 years as an employee, in our 68 years as an organization.  As a team member, starting out in 1982 as a teacher/counselor at a house we had in Dedham, to moving to a teacher/counselor at the Lenox St. Apts., and in 1984 becoming the Program Manager at the Foxboro house, Joanne has done all of her work in direct care settings for her entire 40 years. On behalf of all her colleagues, we are incredibly grateful for all she has done. 

Joanne’s amazing work at Lifeworks is demonstrated every day in this wonderful residence in Foxboro— it is not a facility, but it truly is an amazing home. It is the hub of the Powderhouse Neighborhood. In Joanne’s 38 years there, the men who have lived there have been blessed to be a part of the families of their neighbors and have welcomed all the neighbors into their home.   From block parties, Friday evenings on the front porch, young children learning to ride their bikes in the house driveway, the community garden in the backyard to most importantly providing a wonderful, supportive home for all those who have lived there, Joanne has been the heart and soul, the leader of an amazing staff over so many years.   

For those who do not know Joanne, she is a dynamic, enthusiastic leader in her home and for the agency.  She has been incredibly dedicated to the men who have lived at this home.  While the residence has been a home operated by Lifeworks since 1979, no one remembers if we had a house manager prior to Joanne.  Behind her enthusiasm for the house and agency, Joanne is modest and unassuming.  She will certainly not be happy with me that I am sending this to our Lifeworks community. 

Joanne’s family have been an integral part of the home and our agency and the “brothers” who have lived at the Foxboro residence are a part of the Sarno-Smith family. 

I invite all of you to join me in thanking and recognizing Joanne for all she has done.  

Most of all, on behalf of the families and friends of those she has served, the many staff who have worked there, and most importantly on behalf of the men who have lived or do live there—Fred S, Dennis G., Howard H., John G., Everett B., Dennis W., Lou P., Mike T., Sam P., Roger G., Rich K., John B, Peter F., Brian C., Steve P., Dexter Y., Paul W., Ken W., Joe A., and Phil B.—we are thankful and grateful for all that you do and have done for each of these men and for all of us as your colleagues. 


Dan Burke, President/CEO