Planned Giving with Lifeworks

Transforming Lives, One Gift at a Time: Planned Giving at Lifeworks

Lifeworks is committed to making a profound difference in the lives of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including autism. For over 70 years, Lifeworks has been at the forefront of providing unwavering support, innovative services, life-enriching programs, and inclusive activities to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their fullest potential.

By choosing to make a planned gift to Lifeworks, you are making a profound and lasting investment in the lives of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. You are leaving a legacy that matters. Planned gifts are a way for you to help expand our reach, develop innovative programs, and provide essential resources that empower individuals to reach their full potential, breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for growth and connection.

As we continue to fulfill our mission, we recognize that our work is made possible through the generosity of individuals like you who share our vision for a more inclusive world. Planned Giving is a meaningful and enduring way to support Lifeworks’ mission, ensuring that our vital programs and services continue to thrive for generations to come.

Bequests: Gifts by will or trust. A charitable gift from your estate is a favored method of giving that enables you to achieve your financial goals, maintain control of your assets, and benefit Lifeworks. Bequests are the most common and are an easy choice.

Life Insurance: Name Lifeworks as a beneficiary or transfer ownership of a policy.

Retirement Assets: Designating Lifeworks as a beneficiary for a distribution from an IRA / Retirement account.

Real Estate or Other Tangible Assets: Designate Lifeworks to receive the proceeds from the sale of real estate, property, or tangible assets.

Benefits of Planned Giving: A gift plan can provide you with substantial tax benefits, especially when you give stock or real estate. Depending on your situation, you may save income taxes, capital gains taxes, probate expenses, and estate taxes.


There are various opportunities for Planned Giving at Lifeworks. Let’s get you started on this remarkable journey of giving back to your community while leaving a legacy that truly matters. Together, we can continue to transform lives, one gift at a time.

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If you have already included Lifeworks in your giving plan, click here to download the Planned Giving Intention form.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. To help, here are the answers to the most frequently questions and/or concerns about planned giving.

Why Lifeworks?

  • Lifeworks Impact: Lifeworks has a proven track record of making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities. By supporting Lifeworks through a planned gift, you contribute to the continuation of their impactful programs and services, ensuring that they can reach and empower more people in the future.
  • Commitment to Values: Lifeworks is dedicated to upholding a set of core values that prioritize inclusivity, dignity, and empowerment. Your planned gift helps sustain these values and reinforces the commitment to creating a world where everyone, regardless of ability, can live their best life.
  • Vision for the Future: By including Lifeworks in your estate plans, you become a crucial part of the organization’s vision for the future. Your support helps Lifeworks adapt to evolving needs, innovate its services, and remain a leading force in enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.
  • Legacy of Giving: A planned gift to Lifeworks allows you to leave a meaningful legacy. It’s a way to ensure that your values and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others endure beyond your lifetime. Lifeworks values and appreciates the generosity of individuals who choose to make a lasting impact through planned giving.

What is Planned Giving? Planned Giving involves thoughtful, strategic charitable contributions made during your lifetime or as part of your estate planning. It allows you to leave a lasting legacy and support causes you are passionate about.

How do I benefit from a Planned Gift? A planned gift to Lifeworks can provide you with tax benefits and the satisfaction of making a meaningful and lasting impact on those you care about, like to individuals served by Lifeworks.

What assets can I give? Planned giving allows you to contribute various assets, including cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, retirement accounts, and more. The flexibility in the types of assets you can donate allows you to choose what aligns best with your financial situation and philanthropic goals.

How does my family benefit? A planned gift to Lifeworks can benefit your family by potentially reducing estate taxes and can preserve family wealth. It also allows you to instill and pass down important values related to philanthropy.

How does Lifeworks benefit? Lifeworks benefits from planned gifts by receiving vital support for its mission and programs. These gifts enable Lifeworks to plan for the future, enhance its sustainability, and make a lasting impact on the individuals, families, and communities we serve. Planned giving ensures that Lifeworks can continue its valuable work for years to come.

Why do I need a will? Creating a will ensures your wishes are legally documented, simplifying the distribution of assets, guardianship decisions, and minimizing potential conflicts among loved ones.

How do I name Lifeworks in my will?  To name Lifeworks in your will, you can include the following language:

I give (___ dollars/ __ percentage or all of the residue of my estate) to the Lifeworks, Inc., a Massachusetts charitable organization.

To make a specific bequest, please contact Lifeworks Development Office for further details and language.

How do I name Lifeworks as a beneficiary in my retirement plan or life insurance policy? To name Lifeworks as a beneficiary in your retirement plan or life insurance policy, follow these steps to ensure your gift’s intended impact:

  1. Review and update beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement plans, and annuities.
  2. Notify beneficiaries about your intentions to safeguard your gift’s purpose.
  3. Optionally, share details with beneficiaries on how you’d like the gift used.

For more personalized information or to discuss specific opportunities for planned giving, feel free to contact Lifeworks directly at Your support plays a vital role in shaping a brighter future for Lifeworks and the communities it serves.

Additional Information & Policy

If you are working with an attorney or advisor to include a bequest in your will or trust, or you are an advisor to a future bequest donor, we are happy to assist you in planning for an estate gift to Lifeworks.

Lifeworks legal name, address, and tax ID number:

Lifeworks, Inc.
789 Clapboardtree Street
Westwood, MA 02090
Tax ID: 22-2512887

For additional information and/or to review your options, please contact:

Dawna Gyukeri
Director of Development and Communications
781-762-4001 x304

  • A gift or bequest may be designated for general purposes, or for approved priorities, within or across Lifeworks programs, services, activities, and support services.
  • All gifts or funds to any part of the Lifeworks shall be received and expended in accordance with Lifeworks standard of operating procedures.
  • Lifeworks retains the right to approve or disapprove any gift.
  • Gifts must be legally permissible and may not be directed to restrict or discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, citizenship, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, or ability.