Harbor Counseling

Our Harbor Counseling Center is an out-patient mental health clinic that provides long-term and short-term therapies for adults with developmental disabilities and their families.



  • Build collaborative partnerships with families, friends, and communities
  • Ensure a continuum of person-centered supports and choices
  • Advocate for the protection of human and civil rights
  • Develop and retain exceptional, supportive staff
  • Provide visionary leadership that is actively engaged in defining future standards of supports
  • Sustain sound stewardship to advance mission, financial, and organizational integrity

Program Offerings

The Harbor Counseling Center is an outpatient mental health clinic dedicated to providing the highest quality mental health services to individuals with cognitive and/or developmental disabilities. Our goal is to help the people we serve reach their highest level of emotional and social functioning, while treating each person with dignity and respect.

Harbor Counseling Center provides long and short-term therapy to adults in individual, family and group settings. We take a variety of therapeutic approaches, matching the clinical care offered with the particular needs of the individual being served.

Harbor Counseling Center’s Medical Director, who is affiliated with McLean Hospital, provides outpatient psychiatric services including psychiatric evaluations and ongoing psychopharmacological treatment.

In addition to providing therapeutic services at our Westwood office, we offer outreach services at clients’ residences and work sites, providing additional support to vocational and residential programs and to families in their homes.

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