School Transition

As men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities turn the age of 22, they are faced with an exciting and anxious period of transitions. Transitions may include moving from a school-based day program to employment or other day support options, changing from a school-based residential situation or living with a family to receiving supports in their own apartment or perhaps living in a staffed residential program. 

Lifeworks is experienced in working with young men and women during the final years of school programs and supports and assists them in transitioning to a variety of adult services models.

For more information and an overview of the supports that Lifeworks provides in the areas of living arrangementsemployment supports, our World of Work program or individual supports and family supports, simply click on the links.

“Lifeworks has been key to our success with providing quality transition services for our students. Through contracting for Community Coaches, Lifeworks’ staff have been professional, caring and innovative as they teach skills and provide support for our students in work and community settings. The flexibility and dedication of administration and staff have helped to make our KP Links program a huge success.”

– Elena Varney
M.S., C.R.C., Transition Coordinator
King Philip Regional High School


  • Build collaborative partnerships with families, friends, and communities
  • Ensure a continuum of person-centered supports and choices
  • Advocate for the protection of human and civil rights
  • Develop and retain exceptional, supportive staff
  • Provide visionary leadership that is actively engaged in defining future standards of supports
  • Sustain sound stewardship to advance mission, financial, and organizational integrity

Program Offerings

Since planning early is essential for youth with intellectual disabilities, Lifeworks actively partners with area high schools.

  • Our unique ‘School- to- Work’ program gives students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience prior to graduating.
  • By attending Lifeworks programs before the age of 22, young adults acquire marketable vocational skills and acclimate gradually to a work setting, resulting in more successful post-school outcomes.
  • Lifeworks’ professional job coaches train students both in the classroom and on-site until they feel comfortable working independently and with greater confidence in their community jobs.

Each of our job coaches has experience in human services and a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Lifeworks is very proud of their dedication, long-term service and motivation.

In collaboration with our Job Development Manager, our team excels at maintaining long-lasting relationships with Lifeworks’ diverse employer and community partners.

To learn more about our services or how to customize a program for you based on your specific need, please contact: Sarah Charbonneau at 781-769-3298 or email.

Our “World of Work” curriculum is designed to reinforce “soft skills,” talents and self-confidence. We help individuals transition with greater ease into the next phase of life: working independently in the community.

Please click here to see details of our World of Work curriculum.

Walpole High School Career and Education Program Views on World of Work

“The students from the Walpole High School Career and Education Program participated in the World of Work classes held at Lifeworks. This was a nine week program where the students learned the “Golden Rules” of the work place. Adults with varying disabilities spoke to them about their job searches, experiences, and what jobs they currently work at. The students also learned techniques to help them self advocate on the job, what is expected job behavior, and what is appropriate interview attire. In addition, the students participated in mock interviews.

This was a very worthwhile experience for students. The students completed a “Who Am I” survey and enjoyed sharing this with their classmates. In addition, students made friends and had one-to-one time with advisors.

At the conclusion of the program there was a celebration of achievement with staff and classmates and all were individually recognized for being an integral part of the World of Work Program at Lifeworks.”

Anne M. Curley
Walpole High School
Career and Education Program
Job Coach Coordinator

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